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Aluminum 3 Piece Raspberry Pi Heatsink Kit

৳ 94
  • Fits the CPU/RAM, Network and Power chips on the Raspberry Pi
  • Pre-applied thermally conductive adhesive makes installation simple
  • Help keep your Pi cool while overclocking!
  • Heatsink for Raspberry Pi 2/B+ /B / A Model
  • Reduce the risk of equipment failure due to overheating

Mini Digital LCD Electronic Thermometer

৳ 150
  • LCD Display
  • Temperature range -50ºC to +70ºC
  • Power: two button battery (LR44)
  • Applications: Refrigerators, freezers, chiller, deep freezers, fish tanks, aquariums
  • It was widely used in Aquarium, Poultry, Reptile,Incubator, Greenhouse and etc
  • This LCD digital Thermometer has a 1.5m long Sensor, which can test temperature of some special places
  • Work with LR44 Batteries, which is easy to install
  • A precise digital thermometer monitors temperature of the temperature in real-time
  • High-quality and durable, temperature accuracy is 1°C and temperature display resolution is 0.1°C

Sunon 220v ac axial cooling fan aluminium metal body

৳ 380
  • Condition: 100% new and good quality.
  • Brand:SUNON ;Model: DP200A.2123HSL 
  • Fan Size: 120X120X38mm;
  • Nominal voltage : 220-240VAC
  • Power: 23/21W;
  • Speed: 2600/2900RPM
  • Application:Computer Case/CPU Fan/Inverter fan/ Cabinet fan 

TEC1-12706 TEC Thermoelectric Peltier Module

৳ 229
Model: TEC1-12706. Size: 40mm x 40mm x 3.6mm. Working current: 4.3-4.6 A (rated 12 v); Imax: 6A. Rated voltage: DC12V (Vmax: 15 v starting current 5.8 A). Operates Temperature: -30° to 70°. Refrigeration power: Qcmax 50-60 w.