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Aluminum 3 Piece Raspberry Pi Heatsink Kit

৳ 94
  • Fits the CPU/RAM, Network and Power chips on the Raspberry Pi
  • Pre-applied thermally conductive adhesive makes installation simple
  • Help keep your Pi cool while overclocking!
  • Heatsink for Raspberry Pi 2/B+ /B / A Model
  • Reduce the risk of equipment failure due to overheating

Digital Caliper Carbon Fiber Composite Vernier 4 inch 100mm

৳ 550
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Developed from extra strong Carbon Fiber Composite
  • Measures 0–4"/0-100mm
  • Resolution is 0.1mm/0.01" - Requires a SR44/LR44 battery that is included
  • Instant, accurate inside & outside measurements in SAE/standard or Metric increments
  • Powered for months by LR44 button battery (included); move head for auto-on, turns off automatically
  • Easy-read LCD screen reduces errors; lightweight & strong carbon fiber can't rust, non-magnetic
  • Handy 4-in. size, range 4.25 in./110mm, resolution 0.01"/0.1mm, accuracy +/- 0.01"/0.2mm
  • Converts SAE/Metric & vice-versa, zero-scale function, inside/outside jaws 1.25/.50 in. Weight 2 oz

Mini Digital LCD Electronic Thermometer

৳ 150
  • LCD Display
  • Temperature range -50ºC to +70ºC
  • Power: two button battery (LR44)
  • Applications: Refrigerators, freezers, chiller, deep freezers, fish tanks, aquariums
  • It was widely used in Aquarium, Poultry, Reptile,Incubator, Greenhouse and etc
  • This LCD digital Thermometer has a 1.5m long Sensor, which can test temperature of some special places
  • Work with LR44 Batteries, which is easy to install
  • A precise digital thermometer monitors temperature of the temperature in real-time
  • High-quality and durable, temperature accuracy is 1°C and temperature display resolution is 0.1°C

MT87 Digital Clamp Meter – Yellow and Black

৳ 427
MT87 Digital Clamp Meter Main Features: ● Mini and compact design, easy to hold ● Data hold and LCD display, easy and clear to read ● Low battery indication ● Overload protection ● Powered by 2 x AAA batteries

UNI-T 33B+ Palm Digital Multi meter

৳ 829

1. Clear LCD display

2. Equipped with comfortable protective cover, test lead hanging slot

3. 2m drop proof with precision protection

4. Auto power off

5. Auto backlight off

6. Loud buzzer

7. Ergonomically designed rotary switch

USB Charger Doctor Current Voltage Charging Detector

৳ 337
  • Applicable to all kinds of electronic device.
  • Real-time monitoring the charging data, safe and convenient to use.
  • Capable of testing various output and input current and voltage.
  • With precise calibration function, the electric current is more accurate.
  • Suitable for factories, laboratories and personal use.

XL6009 DC-DC Adjustable Boost Converter Module With Voltmeter Display

৳ 360
  • This product is made of high quality PCB material, strong and durable.
  • Built-in current limit function, thermal shutdown function, soft start function, and frequency compensation function.
  • It has a voltmeter that displays the voltage operating status in real time.
  • The conversion efficiency can up to 94%, typical efficiency is 85%.
  • Adopting high specification craft, carefully welding, precise hole position, complete functions.