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Bluetooth MP3 Decoding Board Module

৳ 195
Support for BT, wireless connection. Decoding helps MP3 / WMA music. With USB port, TF card slot and Auxiliary input. FM radio, received the cable band (87.5MHZ-108.0MHZ). Support the operation of the remote control. Digital screen.

ESP8266 ESP-01 ESP01 Serial Wireless WIFI Module

৳ 210
  • These modules include 1MB (8Mbit) of flash memory,
  • The ESP8266 Serial/UART to WiFi module is a great way to connect your Arduino or other microcontroller projects to a WiFi network
  • Create your next internet of things (IOT) project
  • The module has the ability to run independent of a host controller
  • The eight pin header includes two GPIO pins that allow for direct connection of the module to sensors, peripherals, or host controller
  • The ESP8266 has 3.6V tolerant I/Os so you will need a logic level converter to connect it with higher voltage devices such as Arduino
  • The ESP8266 requires 3.3V power so you may need a 3.3V voltage regulator

MP4 MP5 Decoder Board 5V HD 1080P Video Player

৳ 490
  • Support USB, memory stick, infrared remote control
  • play MP3, wma, lossless decompression playback, memory playback power
  • Radio FM87.8-108
  • LED display of digital tube.
  • AUX audio input.
  • DVD, SVCD, VCD, DVCD, DVIX, AVI, MKV, FLV and other standard formats.

Node MCU V3 Development Board

৳ 390
supports the arduino Uses Wi-Fi Module – ESP-12E. USB – Power 5v and program via micro USB port Fits on a standard breadboard 10 GPIO, every GPIO can be PWM Misc – Reset and Flash buttons